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Business Planning

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Every business must plan ahead in order to ensure success, but it is too easy to succumb to the daily pressures of work and delay or ignore strategic planning. The result of poor planning is often rushed and misinformed decisions, over/under capacity, inefficiency and missed opportunities.

Every business owner needs to invest time in developing a long-term plan, starting with what you want to achieve from your investment and what your reasons for being in business are, and then developing a plan to help achieve these objectives. There is a well used phrase You can only manage what you can measure. This is very true and we can help you both manage and measure your results.

We are well placed to help you develop these plans and have a considerable pool of experience and expertise to draw on. The financial aspects are usually the backbone to any business plan and you need to ensure that this aspect has been adequately dealt with in your plan.

We can assist by formulating budgets and also creating KPIs. KPIs come in two forms, Key Predictive Indicators, which are the actions needed to make improvements and Key Performance Indicators which measure the degree of success from those actions. You can also sign up for our bi-monthly Business Bitesize newsletter. Each issue will focus on one area of activity which in turn will assist you in achieving your goals.

Only by challenging you to make changes in actions within your business can we help you achieve your goals which will result in improved cashflow, profits and business value.

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