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Legal Services

legal services

In today’s world, everybody is a specialist; whether that is financial planning, accountancy, insurance or legal. Trying to find the best person to deal with your requirements can be a daunting process if you are not sure who to speak to.

Recent changes in the law now allow you more access to legal services without the need of instructing a solicitor. It also allows certain professionals direct access to barristers, who by their nature are specialists in one particular legal field. We are delighted to advise that we now have trained Barrister Intermediaries who are able to work with barristers to support most of your legal needs.

We are members of the Legal Services Guild an organisation whose members consist of Solicitors, Barristers, accountants, IFA’s and Insurance specialists. All members adhere to the Guilds Code of conducts and quality standards that are designed to give you the best levels of service and peace of mind that the right person is there for the right job.

By becoming members of the Legal Services Guild you can now be assured that you only need to speak to one specialist, namely us. The Guild provide us with a range of legal services, call us or email us now for more information.